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Side Entry Remodel



Project Description:


  1. Remove and replace existing side entry
  2. Restyle to match existing house with low-maintenance materials
  3. Expand staircases to 48" wide
  4. Center staircase to entry door
  5. Blend staircase termination to sloped driveway
  6. Incorporate access door for storage area under landing

MLC Assessment:

  1. Existing landing in extensive state of decay
  2. Multiple structural problems
  3. Staircase not centered to entry door
  4. Uneven staricase rise/runs
  5. Improper termination of staircase to sloped driveway

Applicable Building Codes and Design Parameters:

  1. Massachusetts 780 CMR Rev 8 Building Code
  2. IRC 2009 Building Code
  3. DCA6-09 Design For Code Acceptance
  4. Wind Load: 100 MPH
  5. Snow Load: 50 PSF
  Base Framing Material -MCA pressure-treated #1 grade lumber.
  Stairs - 2x12 cut stringers 12" o.c. 5½" throat width
2x4 thrust plate at stringer base anchored to landing pad.
4x4 rail posts blocked in two directions and atached with Thrulok bolts.
  Simpson Strong-Tie Z-Max treated hangers and connectors.
Grace Vycor Plus® protection on critical surfaces.
Finish Materials:
  Decking and Treads - Azek Morado 5/4" x 6" PVC decking
Picture framed layout - deck and stair treads
  Trim and Risers - Versatex PVC trimboard
  Guardrails and Handrails - RDI Titan Pro XL vinyl over aluminum
Fiberon vinyl post sleeves, caps and base trim
Attachment Methods:
  Decking and Stair Treads - Cortex color-matched hidden fastener system
  Access Door - Stanley-Nationa Box rail components
Custom-built sliding door with Versatex.
  Risers and Trim - Bostitch 15 ga. stainless steel nails
PL Premium, Weld-on 705 and Extreme Adhesives as required
Finished with PVC millwork on outside edges

Original Landing

Completed Landing

Original landing

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Original Landing

Completed Landing

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Completed landing

Framing detail

Picture-framed treads

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