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28' x10' Patio Deck



Project Description:


  1. Replace existing failed deck with new 28' x 10' deck and stairs.

MLC Assessment:

  1. Existing deck exhibited structural staircase failure.
  2. Multiple building code violations.
  3. Significant safety issues (ledger, rim, rail posts) due to sub-standard construction techniques and materials.
Applicable Building Codes:
 Massachusetts 780 CMR Rev 8 Builidng Code
IRC 2009 Building Code
DCA6-09 Design For Code Acceptance
  Base Framing MaterialMCA pressure-treated #1 grade lumber
  Joists 2x8 16" o.c.
  Rims and Bands 2-ply 2x8 Bands
3-ply 2x8 Rim
  Stairs - Front and Rear 2x12 cut stringers 12" o.c.
Rework concrete landing pads to accomidate new stair layouts.
2x4 thrust plate at stringer base anchored to landing pad.
 Existing footings reused.
6x6 support posts anchored to piers with post bases and rim with post caps for uplift restraint.
4x4 rail posts blocked in two directions and atached with 1/2" HDG carriage bolts
Z-Max treated hangers and connectors.
Ice and water shield protection on critical surfaces
Finish Materials:
  Decking and Treads - Timbertech Earthwood Horizons PVC over Composite Core (capstock)
Picture framed layout.
  Trim and Risers - Timbertech Earthwood Horizons PVC over Composite Core (capstock)
  Guardrails and Handrails - PVC (Reused from existing deck)
Attachment Methods:
  Decking and Stair Treads - 2½" GRK Kameleon exterior grade screws
  Risers and Trim - 1½" GRK Kameleon exterior grade screws


Original Deck

Completed Deck - Composite Views

Construction Views

Original Deck

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Driveway stair stringer failure

Driveway stairs

Driveway stair landing

Completed Deck

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(Not all line and stair rail sections installed)

View from driveway

View from backyard

Construction Views

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Framing view from driveway

Framing view from backyard

Front stair framing

Center bay picture framing

Framing at backyard

Framing at drvieway end

Start of decking install showing perimeter picture framing layout

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